Classes, Workshops, Retreats & WEEKLY SESSIONs

Weekly Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions & Classes in Melbourne, @ One Heart Yoga, Abbotsford Convent. Classes suitable for all levels of experience. Reduce stress, discover inner peace and stillness.

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Meditation & Mindfulness Retreats.
Weekend, 3, 4 & 5 Day Retreats near Healesville in Victoria. For clarity of mind, deep inquiry & transformation.

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The Spiritual Wisdom of the Enneagram. A Workshop that explores a comprehensive map of the human condition. For greater understanding of self & others. 

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Meditation, Mindfulness & Self Inquiry directs one’s awareness to be conscious of the Now.

When we consciously embrace the moment, the accumulation of past pain, fear and anger can be illuminated and then released, creating more clarity, peace and harmony. Our true radiant nature of Being can only ever be realised in the moment, Here and Now.

Peace and Stillness is not “something” to be gained but is revealed in awareness, through openness and surrender, as who we truly and fundamentally are.

Upcoming Events

Silent Meditation Retreats

Weekends, 4 and 5 Day Retreats
 Healesville, Victoria.

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A whole day of Meditation & Mindfulness Practice with Yoga.
Held once a month, on a Sunday at One Heart Yoga, Abbotsford Convent.

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True meditation is the awareness of the effortless infinite expanse of our true nature. Mindfulness leads to awareness, resting with awareness as awareness will reveal our true nature. Our true nature is timeless freedom.