Self-Enquiry and Meditation

Self Inquiry and Meditation, Melbourne

Self-enquiry and meditation help to still the mind so that your essential nature can be revealed. The mind creates the sense of a little “I”, the part of you that suffers. This mind-created “I” is only an illusion which can be dispelled through Self-enquiry and meditation. When the little “I” is seen to have never existed, that which is always here and now, shines as the True Radiant Self. You cannot see or know your True Self but only Be It.

Meditation will release and clear layers and patterns of accumulated past from the mind-body. These layers and patterns of the mind create all your suffering. Meditation uses an object for your awareness to focus on. I use breath, sensations and feelings of the body as a focus to train the mind to be one-pointed and still. Over time as the meditater is meditating on the meditated, the mind becomes purified and still, the meditater, meditating and meditated become one. Awareness only remains, Being without a centre or boundaries.

Self-enquiry directly questions and enquires into the belief of the “I”. The “I” that suffers, the “I” that wants happiness, the “I” that meditates, the “I” that will one day be free and have bliss, the “I” that was born and will one day die. Self-enquiry directly and instantly reveals that the little “I” does not exist, and thus reveal the eternal expanse of Being, the Real “I”. The tendencies of the mind require the belief in the little “I” for their survival. The practice of Self-enquiry liberates the tendencies of the mind by exposing the little “I” as unreal and thus revealing the Real “I”.

The concepts such as “Self”, “Being”, “Silence”, “Stillness”, “Peace”, “Bliss”, “True I”, “That”, etc are only concepts. They are used as pointers towards “That” which can’t be spoken about. The intellect does not contain “That”,“That” contains the intellect and is the intellect’s origin or source. Therefore all of “This” is beyond the intellect.

There is one concept no one can deny and that is the sense of “I AM” or existence. The saying “I AM THAT I AM” directly points one towards the Essence of Being which is full of Peace and Stillness.