The True I

Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Inquiry in Melbourne, Victoria


Whatever we are doing or thinking, and wherever we go there will always be the sense of "I". The "I" being the "true I" not the first person singular pronoun I. The "true I" is not a thought but the undeniable knowledge of existing, of being. 

Most of humanity believes in an identity that is fixed and has substance. Fixed in that it is contained to the body and mind. Substance in that it is an actual thing or entity? This is generally referred to as I, me and mine. It can also be called the "I thought". I am happy, I am sad, I am thinking too much, I am meditating, I, I, I... 

The "I thought" is just a concept and it's from this that a sense of separation from the totality of life occurs.  

The "true I" is one's true nature, the essential or fundamental reality. It is not a thought, it doesn't come and go. It's knowledge can't be denied, as everyone acknowledges the fact of existence or "that I am". It's centre can't be located and it has no boundaries. It's timeless, changeless, has never taken birth and therefore can never die. 

The "true I" is the origin of all, including thought. Thought creates the concept of time and space. Thoughts are self-generating and therefore ultimately there is no thinker, no entity that's a doer, life is just a "happening". We overlook the "true I" and are therefore identified and fixated, believing in the reality of the "I thought" and from the "I thought " there's reaction to the arising of thoughts. We react with more thoughts and more thoughts and all the feelings and sensations that go with reactive thought. 

So freedom is here and now. It's the moment to moment awareness of what is. Thought will never know peace and freedom. You are essentially peace and freedom itself. Thought if reactive only creates problems. From the perspective of the "true I" there's no problem with thought and thought will serve as a very useful instrument to function in the world. 

When thought arises just allow it to be, no denying or suppression and no indulging and clinging to it. Thought is just energy and the awareness of that energy is due to the presence of the "true I". Thought is also just memory. We use thought to label. We get lost in the conceptual labelling, believing that the label is the thing. 

The potential is to just consciously rest as "true I", radiant conscious presence of being, I am that I am.  If thought is allowed to be, it self liberates. It's the power of now that is full of conscious presence and that is the "true I", that is your essential nature which is freedom itself, already and always fully liberated that liberates the fixated attachment to the thought. 

The Truth is Now, it's the "true I" and not what we think and believe we are. I am that I am.