True meditation is the awareness of the effortless infinite expanse of Being. This Being is our True Nature. Mindfulness leads to awareness, resting with awareness as awareness will reveal our true nature. It is Peace and Stillness. It is timeless freedom. It is always here and Now.

The Realisation of our True Nature is hidden by our tendencies to identify with the movements of the mind. Our lack of acceptance of “what is” causes mental reactions creating stress and inner turmoil. We can feel hurt, guilty and ashamed of what has happened in the past and have anxiety and worry about the future. Our minds are continually pulled between the past and future, creating further stressful reactions of fear, hurt and anger. Instead of perceiving Reality purely “as it is” moment to moment, we create an apparent reality that is filtered through our conditioned mind that is based on the past. This apparent reality originates from our sense of separation from our True Nature and the fear this separation creates. Apparent reality is essentially a mind -created illusion.

The past is forever gone and the future is a mental concept, essentially nonexistent. The Now is constantly present. All phenomena – including thoughts, bodily sensations, feelings and sense perceptions- are transient, always in a continual state of change. All phenomena appear and dissolve in the Now, the eternal moment. The Now isn’t an object or a state but has qualities of Stillness and Peace and is inseparable from who we essentially are.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Inquiry directs one’s attention to be conscious of the Now. When we consciously embrace the moment, the accumulation of past pain, fear and anger can be illuminated and then released, creating more clarity, peace and harmony. Our true radiant nature of Being can only ever be realised in the moment, Here and Now. Peace and Stillness is not “something” to be gained but is revealed in awareness, through openness and surrender, as who we truly and fundamentally are.

Group sessions and classes in Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Inquiry are held on a weekly basis in Melbourne. Sessions involve silent sitting, meditation and Self Inquiry instruction, and discussing questions that may arise for participants. The sessions are suitable for all levels of experience: from absolute beginners to the most experienced. All Welcome.

Sessions held at One Heart Yoga & Meditation, Abbotsford Convent. For times, venue location and other details see Weekly Sessions.

For details of Meditation Retreats, see Retreats.

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Meditation Retreats with Aruna Giri in Melbourne, Victoria